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Civil War Documentary


Congratulations! You have just been hired by the Discovery Channel to create a documentary on the Civil War. Your job will be to create a documentary about issues in the Northern, or Southern sections of the United States and inform the viewers about the events and issues during the Civil War. What you choose to report is up to you. You are required to write a script that will be turned in the day of the presentation. In addition you will need a separate work cited page that shows where you got your information for your documentary from. It will be turned in the day of the presentation. Be creative beccause you will also create an advertisment for your documentary(eaither a playbill or movie poster).

Dates & Deadlines

Which one of the three projects your group chooses needs to be told to Mrs. Schnabel. Once you have chosen a project you may not switch projects. Each project is worth 100 pts.

The documentary will be due Tuesday, May 23, 2017. This is one day earlier than the other projects so Mrs. Schnabel and Mrs. Rempala can make sure all technology works and preview the video prior to playing it for the class.



Red Cross

Jefferson Davis

Abraham Lincoln

General Robert E. Lee

Battle of Bull Run

General Thomas Jackson

Naval Battle: The Virginia v The Monitor

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Chancellorsville

General Ulysses S. Grant



Battle of Shiloh

54th Massachusetts Regiment


Union Blockade

Women in the War

Fall of Vicksburg

Battle of Gettysburg

General George Pickett

Total War

General George McClellan

General Phillip Sheridan

General William Tecumseh Sherman






Names of group members:



Date: _______________________


Complete the following about your group work:


We encourage everyone as a group.



We shared out ideas.



We responded to each others' ideas even if we did not agree with them.



We checked with other group members to make sure they understood what we said and our reason for saying it.



We used our time efficiently to complete our tasks.



If you had to give your group a letter grade (A,B,C,D) what would it be? And why? Please support your reasoning with examples.










Individual Work

Each group member will be responsible for presenting one topic and assisting in the production of all other topics for your group.


Topic you present= 30%

You must write a script that covers your topic and that you will be read during your documentary.

Clear introduction of topic and conclusion

Historically Accurate

Should be free of spelling/grammar errors

Bibliography at end of video


Topics you assist in producing = 10%

You must assist in writing scripts by proof reading and double-checking for historically accurate

Should be free of spelling/grammar errors

Assist in others additions to the bibliography at end of video


Research = 10%

Website Credibility Evaluation Form

2 of your sources must be from a credible website


Group Work

Groups will create a documentary as their final product. They will be asked to assess their group work, on how well they shared ideas, and balanced responsibilities.


Documentary = 40%

Layout - should look feel like a news report or documentary


Original Name

At least 5 minutes in length but no more than 7 minutes in length.


Group Evaluation = 10%

Team Work/ Cooperation

Sharing Ideas

Respecting each other opinions