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Departmental Link Library

Link Descriptor
An online timeline generation tool Maps, maps, and more maps! Maps to help you learn anything you ever wanted to know about a geographic area or region
The National Constitution Center's Interactive Constitution. Read it, then read the explanation of it.
Latitude and Longitude practice site (geared for our middle school students).
Need help identifying capitals and countries? Practice at a variety of levels, link directs to Africa practice, other areas at top of page. A student's guide to sociology including a concept guide and terminology guide.
The American history homework center, provided by Multnomah County (Oregon) Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government, a reference source to understanding our government, broken down by grade/age level.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Looking to understand a key term or person in the world of economics? If so, then this site is for you!
Pearson's World History study site, broken down by topic - find the topic of interest and delve down deeper in to the topic to find out more. The virtual psychology classroom, includes psychology textbooks and a reference section.