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Careers in Agri-Science

Studies continue to project growth in agriculture-related career opportunities, and a deficit of graduates in related agricultural majors to fill these positions. Many of these positions will be in areas that support the marketing and distribution of agricultural commodities as well as in the production sector of agribusiness operations.

  • Thirty-two percent of these openings will be for scientists and engineers, including biochemists, entomologists, geneticists, plant scientists, and veterinarians.
  • Another 28 percent of openings will be in marketing, merchandising, and sales, with job titles such as commodity broker, market analyst, and export sales manager.
  • Thirteen percent of openings are projected to be in management and finance, including jobs such as loan officer, financial analyst, and research economist.
  • There are many more jobs available in communication, education, social sciences, and agricultural production

Lastly, there are a large number of search engines available on the web that focus on agricultural careers. A short list of potentially useful sites for specific agricultural-related careers information: