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(Algebra II - Pre Calc) 
Most of our school's textbooks are found at the site, you will need a user-name and password to access them. Ask your teacher for this information. Middle School Math video tutorials made by Westville instructors for you to enjoy! A general reference for all your math needs, also has material on other subject matter. Information about the Ask-Rose Homework Hotline based in Indiana, for help with math and science. "The web's most extensive mathematics reference." A site dedicated to delivering education to anyone, anywhere; loaded with video tutors. Featured on NBC and CNN. A free online math tutorial site A system of equations solver tool that shows you all the steps, a great way to CHECK your work For those that enjoy hands-on learning, all the manipulatives you could ever want to succeed in math! Conceptua Interactive Simulations Illustrative Mathematics

Dan Meyer's Three Act Math
(also here