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Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment?
Dual Credit provides students an opportunity to receive college credit through a university by taking courses that are approved and offered at the high school, during the regular school day, taught by qualified high school teachers. Students use the books provided by the high school, and the teachers follow very similar curriculum, assignments and testing as their college faculty coounterparts.

What are the Benefits of Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment?
To Parents:
Improved student opportunity for success in college
Familiarity with university registration process
Financial Advantages
Reduced tuition costs - $94 per credit hour (Free/reduced lunch students - 100% tuition assistance)
No additional fees--no books, activity, lab, technology, or transportation fees

To Students:
Satisfies requirements for the Academic Honors and Core 40 Diploma
Jump start on credit hours--credits are posted to a Purdue Transcript
Builds confidence for college success
Seamless transition to college
Familiarity with university registration process

Courses currently offered include:
English 12