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Vocational Business

Department Staff
Mr. Daniel Corona (HS Vocational Business)

Course Descriptions
• Career Planning and Success Skills
Career Planning and Success Skills is a career and technical education business course that is designed to address the knowledge, skills, and behaviors all students need to live, plan, and work successfully in today's society. This course includes exploring career clusters, developing leadership/teamwork skills, researching/collecting labor market data, and developing career plans. The employment process is explored through searching for employment opportunities, completing applications, developing resumes, participating in interviews, gaining job-survival skills, and understanding employee evaluations. Extensive practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills is provided. Thinking skills such as decision-making, problem solving, and reasoning are utilized through research, report writing, technical writing, and interpreting data. Instructional strategies should include use of the Internet to conduct career research, job shadowing, mentoring, field trips, projects, computer and technology applications, and cooperative ventures between school and community.

• Marketing Foundations
Marketing is a business course that provides a basic introduction to the scope and importance of marketing in the global economy. Emphasis is placed on oral and written communications, mathematical applications, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they relate to advertising/promotion/selling, distribution, financing, marketing-information management, pricing, and product/service management. Instructional strategies may include a school-based enterprise, computer/technology applications, real and/or simulated occupational experiences, and projects focused on the marketing functions such as those available through the activities in DECA and BPA co-curricular programs.

• Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment Marketing
Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment Marketing is a specialized marketing course providing students with the opportunity to apply marketing principles in the fields of Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment. Students will produce and market activities for athletic and entertainment programs at the high school. A plan to increase attendance and support for athletic and entertainment (music and theatre) functions in the school may be developed. The class may research and work with the private sector and community to help market recreation and entertainment programs. Instructional strategies may include computer/technology applications, event planning, real and/or simulated occupational experiences, and projects in the marketing functions such as those available through the DECA program of co-curricular activities.