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Foreign Language

Department Staff
Mr. Jon Gerolium (High School Spanish)

Mr. James Craft (High School German)

Course Descriptions
• Spanish I
Spanish I provides a base of vocabulary and grammar; both written and spoken. It also enables students to discuss the many reasons for learning languages and to develop an understanding of the people who speak them. Students are able to apply effective strategies for language learning and show a willingness to experience various aspects of the cultures.

• Spanish II
Spanish II provides a continuation of vocabulary and grammar learning. It also enables students to participate in classroom activities related to the language studied as well as to participate in conversations dealing with daily activities and personal interests.

• Spanish III
Spanish III enables students to understand and appreciate other cultures by comparing social behaviors and values of people using the languages being learned. Students initiate and participate in discussions concerning these cultures. It also continues with the learning of more intricate grammar applications as well as more vocabulary.