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Westville, IN   46391

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Office Hours are between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM

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Staff Directory:




Bachman, Jane

Athletic   Secretary

Barnes, Tammy


Barriball, Patrick

English/Language Arts - H.S.

Beck, Adam

Science - H.S.

Cafin, Cindy

Math - H.S.

Corona, Daniel

Business -   H.S.

Craft, James

German -   H.S.

DeVries, Todd

Social   Studies - H.S.

Dickinson, Gayle

F.A.C.S. -   M.S. and H.S.

Forney, Jamie

Health,   PLTW, P.E. - M.S. and H.S.

Gerolium, Jon

Spanish -   M.S. and H.S.

Glassley, Kim

Special   Education - H.S.

Goeringer,   Josh

Athletic   Director

Hewitt, Heather

Music - M.S.   and H.S.

Holland, Marcy

Special   Education - M.S.

Hurt, Antonio

Blackhawk Academy Supervisor

Joll, Samantha

Science -   M.S.

Koehm, Jerrianne

Science -   H.S.

LaVelle, Dennis

Math - H.S.

McCuen, Marian

Media Center Assistant

McKibben, Daniel

Guidance   Counselor

McMahon, Kevin

Social   Studies - H.S.

Mitchell, Amy

Special   Education - H.S.

Ochall, Molly

Art -   M.S./H.S.

Pointon, Mary

Information Technology

Rempala, Ellen

Media Center Specialist

Schnabel, Pamela

Social   Studies - H.S.

Schnick, Alissa

M.S./H.S.   Principal

Sharpe, Erin

Band - All   grades

Sikora, Lori

Cafeteria   Manager

Singer,   Holly

Special   Education - H.S.

Slater, Natalie

P.E./Health   - High School

Smith, Erick

Math - Grade   7

Smith, William

Agricultural   Science

Spurr Ashley

Math - Grade   8

Strudas, Emily

English/Language   Arts - Grade 8

Toth, Cynthia

English/Language   Arts - Grade 7

Wagner,   Emily

English/Language   Arts - Grade 9

Webb,   Jeffrey

English/Language   Arts - Grade 10

Williams, Michelle

Special   Education - M.S.