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Arnt, Marcia High School Science
Barriball, Patrick High School English
Christy, Melodie High School Special Education
Corona, Daniel Business
Craft, James German
Dean, Kyle High School Science
DeVries, Todd High School Social Studies
Dickinson, Gayle Family and Consumer Science
Duffy, Deb High School Math
Forney, Jamie Physical Education, Health, PLTW
Gerolium, Jonathan Spanish
Hewitt, Heather Music
Joll, Samantha Middle School Science
Kovach, Cynthia High School Math
LaVelle, Dennis High School Math
McMahon, Kevin High School Social Studies
Mitchell, Amy High School Special Education
Ochall, Molly Art
Rempala, Ellen Media Center Specialist
Schnabel, Pamela Middle School Social Studies
Sharpe, Erin Band
Slater, Natalie Physical Education, Health
Smith, Erick Blackhawk Academy
Smith, William Agriculture
Spurr, Ashley Middle School Math
Strudas, Emily Middle School English
Toth, Cynthia Middle and High School English
Wagner, Emily High School English
Wilcox, Michelle Middle School English
Williams, Michelle Middle School Special Education